Uhmazing! : Jane Smoker … Dare Devil

Here we go again peeps! I must admit, this edition is ten weeks early. Fortunately, Uhmazing! has no firm release schedule, yet. At the moment it’s play it by ear. Finding a candidate is a long and arduous process. If you where to scout for a candidate, first, you have to be impressed by someone’s work many times. Second, you need to get to now them so you’ll avoid supporting a bad bitch – there are good bitches, if you watch Drag Race you’d know this. And third, scheduling. I think it’s important to root for someone you really believe in, so your praise won’t sound insincere and patronizing. So when sh*t happens … you take what’s thrown at you and run with it. :)

Disclaimer: Before anything else, let me just say for the record that I’m not into smoking – anything. I personally don’t smoke, and I would have breathing problems if I inhale any cigarette odor for a prolonged period. I don’t endorse smoking, it is a personal choice. You, the reader, can do what you want with your life, it’s yours to live. I just like to take photos. :) Anyway …

I am so thrilled to feature Vancouver’s very own, Jane Smoker, in this fifth edition of Uhmazing! It’s a great feeling to see a local queen break new grounds. It’s not easy to sift through the sand to find the gold because this mine is tiny. To put this in perspective, Canada’s population is three hundred million people short compared to the USA. And in Vancouver, there are only like … five drag queens, lol, I’m exaggerating … but there aren’t a lot… maybe ten and a half. lol jk. Kinda like a small family, of mostly adopted kids.

jane-smoker_article_boss_01In Vancouver, I can count with my fingers of whom I would consider the great drag queens. Maybe I haven’t meet “all” of them. But I could easily argue, that if they’re fierce and out there, I would know. The first Vancouverite I featured in Uhmazing! end up leaving the country (Canada), and who knows if she’s coming back … so you can see where I’m going here. We need help.

Tangent time: For the longest time, I thought Jane’s full drag name is “Jane Smokr“, since that’s how her name is spelled on her Facebook. I said to myself, “maybe she didn’t want to be associated with smoking, fancy.” We all know drag queens like to pick really tricky names, either how it’s spelled, pronounced, or worded. Jane was smart enough to let me know the T a few weeks ago. It would be silly to misspell the name of a featured talent. And I’m glad I didn’t talk to the “man in-charge of the lights” on her last “pageant” about her name, because I thought he misspelled the LED wallscreen. lol. It’s totally Facebook’s fault, of course. It won’t allow “Smoker” as her last name. In it’s infinite ironic wisdom … Freedom of Speech with censorship? But I digress …

Presenting.Jane Smoker (Vancouver) - Knockout ... Jawbreaker.

I heard about Jane Smoker through my associations with local Vancouver queens. I’ve seen her perform in local nightclubs a few times, and she can really put on a show. She is a member of a Spice Girls drag shadow cast who recently had a very successful sold out tour in the States. She did a great impersonation of Posh Spice. What I really like about her drag is that it’s always changing. She experiments with her look – from glam to scare-the-F-out-of-me. And they all look fantastic … she delivers. Her performances always show a lot of conviction … which I find very admirable. I’ve only known her personally for a short time, but from what I gather, she’s one of them nice people. :)

So, without further ado … check out my interview with the fantastic … Jane Smoker!

Uhmazing! | Interview Part 1 | Interview Part 2


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