A Science Fiction Sub Genre Called Religion

I took a half hour break after reading the article before I wrote this.

A religion founded by a science-fiction writer with a fondness for yachting caps, Scientology may be recognized as a legitimate religion by our government, but by anyone else who watches HBO’s documentary Going Clear: Scientology and the Prison of Belief, it seems more like a cartoon of mendacity. — Ken Tucker / Yahoo TV

Ok, before I go any further, I want to make it clear that I don’t care whom or what people pray to, as long as they keep it to themselves.  As humans, we have this yearning to look up to a higher being to empower us and give us strength to do whatever it is we need to do. If it gives you strength, why not? But don’t mistake religion and faith. No. We don’t need an institution to tell us “killing” or “stealing” is bad. Or sleeping with your neighbors spouse is wrong. If you need a guide to realize what is right and wrong, then you don’t need religion … you need a psychiatrist. It’s when religious people act so competitive on who is the one true religion that really bothers me. Shut the fuck up and pray in the corner, quietly … without the cameras. Go! Don’t belittle other people’s faith just because you strongly believe in yours. Don’t be such hypocrites. Who are you to judge others? If your god was real, he/she/it would come down and slap you in the ass until it’s rosy red!

I was once an active Roman Catholic. I was so deep in it I actually served the church for a year or so. Yes, I was ringing them bells at the altar bitch. But I stopped … due to irreconcilable differences.

Look at this Ken guy, accusing Scientology about donations from the rich, or following a doctrine authored by a science-fiction writer. Don’t make me laugh. Wake up and smell the Vatican’s vast richness! Other religions collect a percentage from their flock even, like the Mormons. It’s a known fact! That’s how they keep their business … err, institution afloat. Those expensive robes and silver spoons don’t come cheap! And regarding the lowly guy who made it up, … as if! The only difference between Scientology, Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, .. and, what else is there? … IS HEAD START!

News flash: Some Priests molest innocent kids. Some religious sects use electrocution or brainwashing to make gay people straight. Remember the inquisitions? What else … fleecing the poor  to fund “god’s messenger’s” lavish lifestyle, of which they solely deserve. By the way, your holy book was written by men long time ago who dreamt of gods or angels.

I stopped practicing my religion as soon as I smell how fishy everything sounds to me. It’s all about power and control. Now I only believe in people and conscience. Now, stop pointing at other people’s beliefs and focus on your own! It’s not a competition.


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