Check Out Pandora Boxx’s Unicorn

That does sound a little naughty, doesn’t it? Yes, seriously, check out Pandora Boxx’s “Unicorn” music video preview. This one was filmed in Vancouver! Recognize anyone? :) It seems like she really spent a lot of money on the special effects with this one. It’s a RuPaul’s Drag Race tradition that alumnae produce ultra campy songs with really low budget music video. There are only a handful of Drag Racers who really put a lot of effort in producing a music video … Pandora Boxx is one of them, starting with this one… well, okay, maybe “Different“. “Cooter!” is very RuPaul, production-wise. But you know, more seasons mean more hungrier queens. They have to step their pussy up to remain … and to borrow someone’s word … “relevant.” I’d say “competitive.” Anyway, the video seems cool! I can’t wait to see the full video and listen to the full song!

and then … watch the other one, just for fun. LOL


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