Why Didn’t I Took Your Picture?

Why didn’t I took your picture? Good question. Before I continue, I want to make it VERY CLEAR that this is not directed at anyone in particular. It’s merely an insight to my mode of operation. I don’t owe anyone an explanation, pay me, and I will owe you words. ;)

2015-03-07 RPlace Presents March Dragness - Kandy Ho, Meet and Greet

2015-03-07 RPlace Presents March Dragness – Kandy Ho, Meet and Greet

I’m first an foremost a simple run of the mill RuPaul’s Drag Race fan. I watch the show, laugh and cry if I need to, over analyze each episode, concoct conspiracy theories, pick my top three favorites, watch them perform live, meet them whenever I can, endlessly talk about them, buy their merchandise whenever possible, and take selfies with them with my point and shoot camera as a souvenir. THIS is the essence as to why this site even exists.

It just so happens that I have a better camera now, so I take more photos of performances because it’s such an exhilarating experience for me. And along the way, I befriend other queens who are not on the show (yet), but are just as good. So I become a fan of them too, and give them same amount of support. All the private photo sessions that I keep doing? They’re a manifestation of that support. It is also my creative outlet. And I enjoy doing them … (pause) … the private photo sessions I mean. Sometimes, when I go to drag shows, I marvel at the experience that I can’t help but write something about it … for me… because I’m just bursting with excitement and euphoria.

2015-03-13 RPlace Presents MARCH DRAGNESS - Pearl, Meet and Greet

2015-03-13 RPlace Presents MARCH DRAGNESS – Pearl, Meet and Greet

I pay my way in, often times VIP, so I can get my selfie undeterred. Now, since I’m such a giving person, some fans who want to document their own encounter sometimes ask me to take their photo. I’d gladly do so, because I know what it’s like to take a bad photo using a low-end camera of an event that is so monumental. Please, don’t brag about your phone cameras. Treat them as backups not as primary cameras. Sometimes, the performer would ask me to take the photos of all the fans in a meet and greet, who am I to say no? I get a kick from watching fans interact with their idol anyway – regardless if they’re piss drunk or sober. It’s an awesome thing to watch.

Remember, I’m only there for the show and to meet the performers. You’ll rarely see me take photos of anyone who is not the main attraction. Like go-go boys for instance, I could take their photos but they really didn’t perform on the show. And I fear that if I did, I’ll be spending much of my time with those shots instead. (pause) Anyway … if I did want to take photos of strangers in an event, I would ask permission first. It is not my thing to take creeper shots. I don’t like people doing that to me, and I don’t feel comfortable doing that to people. I always ask.

R Place March Dragness - headlined by Pearl. Robbie Turner

R Place March Dragness – headlined by Pearl. Robbie Turner

Now, if you’re at the meet and greet and you and the celebrity are only looking at your cellphone for your photo, I will not take your shot with my camera. That to me is a private thing. If you and the celebrity are making a scene it becomes public since you are getting people’s attention. In that case, I might take your photo if it’s worth documenting. I also try to avoid posting awkward photos and outtakes as much as possible. I don’t like releasing photos of people if, in my opinion, it doesn’t look good, maybe you did half a blink, drooled, or slipped. I wouldn’t want anyone to post a bad photo of myself. So, like the saying goes … Do unto others how you want others to do you. lol ;)

So if you know who I am, and happen to see me taking photos at an event and want your photos taken, ask. Just keep in mind it will take time to get released, since each additional shot means additional effort for me to go through. So be patient. I don’t get paid to take event photos. I only do this on my spare time. Even fans have day jobs. ;) And I do it for the love of drag race.

Why Didn’t I Took Your Picture? Etiquette.

Remember, ask … and strike a pose at my camera.


ps: LOL @ the water. My shots crack me  up. That’s why I love what I do for a hobby!


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