“Around Again” by Glenn Stewart, He Nailed It!

Around Again,” Amazing Ari’s … err.. I mean, Glenn Stewart’s country cover version of RuPaul’s “(Here It Comes) Around Again” sounds pretty good. Great vocals and great country take to a great song. I’m a fan of country music, more since American Idol Season 6, so this is so sweet to listen to. #goosebumps. The music video features RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae Jujubee, Kelly Mantle, Jaidynn Diore Fierce, Jade Sotomayor, Jade Jolie, and Monica Beverly Hillz! It’s great to watch all of them dance around the stage and interact with Stewart. I say to myself, those are guys dressed as a woman … except for Monica, who is a transgender woman, who look all sickening! Dolly Parton. #bows I’m just gonna leave that right there.

Watch the music video below … and gag.

Breaking Boundaries Glenn Stewart
“Breaking Boundaries”
Available on iTunes.




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