Presenting.Katya – Glamdom

katya-glamdom_145Katya Zamolodchikova, or simply Kayta, is a contestant on RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7, is by far one of the most polished and most entertaining cast this season with an outrageous personality to match! She’s the first Russian contestant on the show. It’s a big F U to that country’s politics’ LGBT discrimination policies.

She’s drop dead gorgeous in full drag and a fierce dancer. And being a trained gymnast doesn’t hurt either. Her slow splits and choreography is so amazing to watch. What’s more, she’s quick witted and super funny … with the tendency to pull dirty antics! She is very uninhibited, you’ve got to duct tape your jaw to keep it from falling when you’re around her. She’s very personable to meet which makes it so easy to warm up to her. And yes, she’ll direct your selfie with her. :)

Katya is just pure positive happy energy and bursting with talent, the makings of a winner. Yes, she’s one of my Top 3 to win this season.

Check out my quick photo session with her.
Presenting.Katya – Glamdom
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