“This Body” by Manila Luzon, Smooth To Take

Eternal-Queen_Manila-LuzonThis Body“… nice gurl, very nice. It’s the third cut from Manila Luzon’s debut album “Eternal Queen“. My favorite tracks so far are “Glamasaurus“, I can’t wait to see the music video for this one, and “This Body“. I love “Manila Radio” interlude, which features Michelle Visage. Maybe that’s her sophomore album title :) … and album theme?

Ok, I’m just gonna be really honest right now and say that the success of “Hot Couture“, Manila’s first single, seems pretty damn hard to beat. That song is so catchy, upbeat, refined, and exciting. And the music video is just … heaven! We all know she’s really not a singger-singer like Courtney Act-singer, but she can sing so much better than some of the other RuPaul’s Drag Race alumnae who put out an album or single.

Autotune? Why not, if it makes a song sound good. It takes more than just singing talent to make a song a commercial success, and ya know, without commercial success … you’re just as bad as singers who can’t sing … forgotten.

Tangent time: So far the singles that Manila Luzon has released like “Buy My T-Shirt“, “Eternal Queen“, and … maybe even “Stuck on You” lean more on the gimmicky and campy side. I keep saying this … how I would love to see Drag Racers produce songs that we can take a little more seriously. I love comedy, but it seems like it has become a staple genre for them. What’s wrong with variety? I mean this in a good way. Ok, if anyone is taking offense at this, stop reading. DWV, Raja, Alaska, Chad Michaels, Sharon Needles, and even Courtney Act … produced popular songs (pause), ok, I may have to take Chad out…. gurl, “Tragic Girl” (sigh) I really tried to like it more. Where was I? Oh, so, I can’t really sing “Boy Is a Bottom” in my work cafeteria now can’t I? “Why not?” you asked? It’s called #tact and “code of conduct.” lol. So THANK YOU Adore Delano … and Manila Luzon for “Hot Couture.” I have hummed and sang the chorus of the latter while waiting for my meal at work, yass! But I digress…

Manila-luzon_this-bodySo, “This Body” single, yes, that … Manila’s vocals sound smooth and the song … very sultry. Her singing voice isn’t drowned by the instruments. I can definitely see myself listening to this song while driving along the coast on Highway 1. The music video, on the other hand, well … it’s fun and sexy in some scenes. I’m stoked that Amazing Ari, the phenomenal areal artist, is featured in it … though you can’t see his face, but his tattoos and body is hard to miss. See 4:28 into the video, he’s on it twice and quick, so don’t blink. The only thing that makes me squirm is Manila’s elderly woman drag. lol. The look is very reminiscent of her space monkey look on RuPaul Battle of the Seasons. It’s very convincing, that’s why I squirm. I would prefer not to see grandma doing sexy stuff, lol. I squinted, and she looked younger. The music video is definitely pushing my envelope … and that’s fine. Watch!

Manila Luzon’s “Eternal Queen” album is available on iTunes, buy that. Check out the track listing below:
1. The Opening (Interlude)
2. Glamasaurus
3. This Body
4. Princess Sahara (Interlude)
5. Eternal Queen
6. Mic Check (Interlude)
7. Stuck on You
8. Manila Radio (Interlude) [feat. Michelle Visage]
9. Buy My T-Shirt

Lastly, Manila Luzon expressed her “worries” about being forgotten as more queens comes out of Drag Race. I don’t think she should be worried about that. She has an amazing personality, a great fan base, and her biznizz is keeping her in the limelight. As long as she keeps doing what she’s doing, she’ll never be forgotten. #relevant So, no worries … gurrrl, okurrr?


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