Presenting.Pearl – Blonde Glamour

Presenting.Pearl - Blonde Glamour ... Sass.Pearl, from Brooklyn, New York, is probably the most mellow contestant that has ever appeared on RuPaul’s Drag Race. I like how centered her emotions are … at least, as it comes across. It takes a lot of strength and will-power to do that. Even being around her is so calming. It’s like being high without the drugs. She’s very nice to hang around with in person. Her performances are … different, but just as entertaining to watch compared to say … intense choreography. More on this in March Dragness.

On Drag Race, her demure and resting bitch-face look makes it easy to underestimate her abilities. I even predicted that she’ll be the third contestant to get eliminated on the show! She has shown a lot of creativity and range … just don’t underestimate her!

Now, I’ve read a lot of fans who really read her for her “stare down mini-challenge” with RuPaul on the DESPY episode. It’s silly. It’s a show, don’t take it personally. It is supposed to create drama and tension. Snap out of it kids! The fantasy only lasts for an hour every Monday, while in season. She’s definitely a great queen to check out, even though I don’t think she’ll take the crown. But I am very curious how far she’ll go. So good luck Pearl! And remember, you don’t owe anyone an explanation. Let the fans who are deep in the rabbit hole deal with their own issues.

Check out my quick photo session with her.
Presenting.Pearl – Blonde Glamour
A bluebay700 Drag Photography Series


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