Twitter, U Did It Again!

Twitter did something great last Monday. They rolled out a revamped quote Tweet! When you quote a tweet or retweet, the whole tweet is quoted … BUT … it won’t eat up your own precious tweet characters. So you can bring forward a context and express your own opinion with enough breadth.


Check it out, it’s so wonderful! Learn more about this feature here.

With technology upgrades these days that are geared towards pleasing investors and stockholders at the expense of those who made them successful … the users, it’s great to see Twitter making sound functional architectural decisions time and again. Seamless nonintrusive embedded ads, video without autoplay (it is for me anyway), photos that aren’t automatically opened  (for me anyway), twitter pic service, and now … revamped quote tweet. I’m impressed.

Facebook could learn a thing or two about keeping users happy … those bastards.

Keep up the good work fellas!


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