Pandora Boxx’s “Unicorn” Is Out!

Pandora Boxx did it again! No, it’s not a read.Pandora-Boxx_Unicorn

Judging by the production quality alone … “Unicorn” pranced a long way from “Cooter”. It’s Pandora’s campiest song yet. It’s awesome. The music video is like “Legend of Korra” (the episodes about Wan’s pre-Avatar past) meets “Peter Pan” meets “The Wizard of Oz” meets “Snow White” meets spring break meets RuPaul’s Drag Race, lol. I’ve never find painted on six-pack so damn sexy… until now. Check out the otter unicorn. Right? I dig the flying special effects, the animation…. and the “cheap” sun prop – where you can see the hand, stick, and tape at the back, lol. Yasss!!

Check it out!

“Unicorn” is written by Pandora Boxx and Roman Molino Dunn. The music video was shot in Vancouver late last year. It’s directed, filmed and edited by Rami Mikhail… almost like George Lucas and Star Wars. Oh, and it’s produced by Mirrortone Studios.


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