RuPaul Maquettes Almost Ready For Shipment!

RuPaul Pre-Painted MaquetteRuPaul Limited Edition Collectors Figurine by is almost 100% sold out! Check out the very long assembly line. RuPaul porcelain figurine seems to be hand-painted. I love the deep red suit, white belt, and white outlines. It is definitely an eye catcher. I personally don’t buy action figures very often, and if so it’s about shows I really like, like Star Trek : Voyager, I have the Seven of Nine, Captain Janeway, and Chakotay trio action figure I bought from Star Trek – The Experience in Las Vegas, before it was closed, … it’s heavy! RuPaul statuette would be my second … ever.

Some fans prefer the statuette be made of plastic for practical reasons. Well, that’s great but it would be like your run-of-the-mill Barbie dolls kids buy at Toys R Us. This one, you will want to display this in a glass cabinet. This is more valuable and more high grade. For your eyes only kids :D

The Maquettes will be ready for shipping around April 25. I can’t wait! I already have the perfect spot for it!

Interested? You can order yours at


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