The Robbie Turner Revue … The Other X Factor

Robbie Turner, Seattle’s genuine queen of improv, put on yet another great show last night to a decently packed venue. This would be the fourth cycle of “The Robbie Turner Revue” show. Held at the famous Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle, the show features new cast members, new costumes, and new acts. I like it how they keep the show fresh every cycle by trying out different versions of a particular number. It’s like watching a new episode of a show every season.

2014-04-17 The Robbie Turner Revue - Part IVThe show’s “theme” this time around is “Western,” which was obvious from the programme’s cover, which shows an illustration of Robbie Turner in a cowgirl outfit whipping a bullwip and sporting a gun and holster around her hip, and the fact that they sang a few country songs … duh lol :) See, that to me alone IS funny. I like it how the show is both entertaining and educational. I learned last night that the building the Hard Rock Cafe occupy on 1st street and Pike street was in fact a whore house in the old days … and that prostitutes actually help finance reconstruction of cities gutted by fire. Who knew! :D Right? Next time I drive by a hooker, I’m gonna roll down my window and shout out… “Thank you! “ (finger gun, click).

I like it that she’s on the microphone more this time. (pause) I mean cracking jokes and doing stand up … they all have microphones and they all sing live! (sighs)… Anyway…  her sharp wit and great sense of comedic timing is pricele$$. Yaass, take that to the bank gurl! She’s one of those comedians where they just stand there, and project a certain look and you’d be in tears laughing (pause) … omg, she’s Lucille Ball!

The-Robbie-Turner-Revue-4_101The performances where all fantastic, I don’t want to say “flawless”, because it wasn’t. The thing is, it’s these tiny “hiccups” that makes a musical comedy show great (wait, what is the genre of the show anyway? I think it is that. Isn’t it? It has to be). It makes the show memorable and funny! Like the her microphone giving up, “accidentally” ejecting her shoe into the air and into the front audience lol (good catch by that dude by the way, considering it was dim lit, *clap* *clap* bravo), stalling for the next number – but not really, dealing with hecklers lol, or “screwing” up a tiny part of song! All that … and remain in character (pause) … as Robbie Turner … THE character? (rolls eyes). Sometimes it’s hard to tell with her, I’m like … wait, was that part of the act? Did they paid the heckler (highly interactive audience) to do that? It’s a real test of wit. What’s more, it takes the show on a tangent, which is like getting extra icing without the extra cost. lol. I love it! A 100% flawless show is forgettable. And you know, when you go to a Robbie Turner event, expect impromptu audience participation … it’s a trademark. There where no shoulder humping on unsuspecting male audience this time … but there was definitely old lady boobs face flapping. LOL Memory is still vivid on that one. Oh, I have the shots.

The Turner Classic Dancers – Jordan Jackson, Bo Mellinger, Tori Spero, and new cast members Emily The-Robbie-Turner-Revue-4_104Hudson, and Thomas Phelan, where all very entertaining and did amazing performances. Robbie’s new costumes by Michael Cepress, where all exquisite. Great direction and choreography by Troy Wageman – I dig all the intimate dance routines, it was very saucy to watch.

Time and again Robbie Turner has proven that she’s not just your run of the mill drag queen. She’s the cream of the crop. She’s got the look, talent, and star power to make a show work! And by “talent” I mean – high caliber drag, choreography, she can sing, and a natural comedian. She IS entertainment. She’s got the Other X factor.

Congratulations to you all!

The show returns for another engagement on Sunday April 19. So get your tickets! More photos of the event will be poster here later today.


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