I Doesn’t Make Any Sense! Perfect!

British Columbia's Lions Peak meets War of the Worlds meets The Sound of Music :) I took this landscape shot of British Columbia’s Lions Peek on the slope of a hill in Vancouver last Saturday but when I look at the photo to me it seemed boring. I’m really not a nature photographer by a long shot. I mostly photograph drag queens and nice dudes, lol, so I asked myself … “How can we make this photo more exciting?” Well, the thought of a pristine landscape about to get obliterated by aliens seemed exciting. Hello “War of the Worlds” tripods! Add a few lightning bolts, because, ya know … that’ how the aliens transport themselves into the tripods from their space ship … watch the movie! Ok, so that looked more thrilling. But then, there was something missing. So I asked myself, “What would totally take this photo on a weird tangent?” … hmmm (thinks) (thinks) … ya know what a grassy hill conjures? Maria! … (cue booming music)  THE HILLS ARE ALIVE … WITH THE SOUND OF MUSIC! Bam! Done.

The image doesn’t make any sense, yet there is something exciting and ominous about it … and that’s the whole point!



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