Miss Fame “Rubber Doll” Blew Me Away!

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 contestant, Miss Fame, just dropped her debut single and accompanying music video “Rubber Doll.” I give it Ten Trillion stars! That’s right … 10T with a capital T!
MissFame "Rubber Doll"

The song plays perfectly to her vocal range. Auto-Tune or not, it’s an amazing piece of work. The hook is so catchy! It’s clean, catchy, edgy, sexy, and it’s all about her! No co-stars required. The music video is so visually rich, stunning, and oh so captivating! I would dare say this is one of the best singles any Drag Race alumnae has ever produced!

I am so stoked to finally get to hear a serious song from a Drag Racer that’s not relying too much on toilet humor, catch phrases, or comedy! Great job Miss Fame and Team!

Rubber Doll
Director Ben Simkins
Producer Katelyn Simkins
Director of Photography Crystal Allen
Assistant Director Melanie Watson
Makeup by Miss Fame
Hair by Bobbie Zlotnik
Wardrobe by Tableaux Vivants and Zana Bayne
Nails by Marisa Carmichael

Special thanks: Michael Furman, Mondo Guerra, Massif Studios, Tyler Hoff, Boy Wonder Productions

For booking: David Charpentier, Producer Entertainment Group david@producerentertainment.com


“Rubber Doll” is available on Amazon.com and iTunes! Get it! Yass! I’m so proud of my Top Three! #TeamFame!


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