“Beauty And The Beat Boots” C’mon Catch Phrase!

I’m not really into musicals, I tried watching “Evita” (1996), the movie, that kind of did it for me. But lately, I realize that if there’s a drag queen in it, not just a play character but a professional drag queen, it’s a game changer for me.

Well, this one … Todrick Hall’s “Beauty And The Beat Boots” is really fun. Mainly because of all the celebrity drag queens doing a cameo, from RuPaul to Rhea Litré! Remember when RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six was on and fans where badmouthing Laganja Estranja for being “fake?” Well, guess who’s cashing in on the catch phrases b*tch! The more people use it, the more free advertising she gets! Oh wise one.

Check it out! This one is so much fun to watch. :) Oh, check out the cast, lol, you read anything familiar? lol.

Belle: Colleen Ballinger @colleenb123
Rupaul @rupaulofficial
Leslie: Fortune Feimster @fortunefeimster
Frankie Grande @frankiejgrande
Lance Bass @lancebass
Matthew Lush @matthewlush
Kingsley @kingsleyyy
Ross Matthews @helloross
Glozell @glozell
Kyla Pratt @kylapratt
Daniel Franzese @whatsupdanny
Cody Saintgnue @codysaintnew
Laganja Estranja @laganjaestranja
Blake McGrath @blakemcgrath
Jaidynn Dior Fierce @jaidynnfierce
Mia Fierce @miasofierce
Cake Moss @mscakemoss
Rhea Litre @rhealitre
Kory DeSoto @thekorsoto
Michael Sylvester @mikeydances
Chester Lockhart @chesterlockhart
Miles Jai @miles_jai
Carlie Craig @carlie_craig
Vonzell Solomon @vonzellsolomon
Jenni Thomasson @itsmejennit
Tommy Trusell @sirtruss
Marqui Jordan @oohmarqui
Harout Torosyan @thehorcux_

Tough neighborhood? lol. Yasss!



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