Glenn Stewart At DragCon

Glenn Stewart (@teamglennkicks)Glenn Stewart, Country Music star from Nashville, was one of the exhibitors of the very successful RuPaul’s Drag Con 2015 in Los Angeles, California.

I had the great opportunity to take a few photos with him, and talk for a little bit. He comes across as a very cool guy, very polite, friendly, and charming. :) Ha! His singing voice got great range, with enough baritone and power to blow your brains out – in a good way.

Click here for more photos from the event.

He recently released his RuPaul cover of “Around Again.” His music video of the song featured former contestants of RuPaul’s Drag Race. It’s a great country take to a great song.

Prior to “Around Again,” he also featured Drag Race Season 6 contestant Joslyn Fox in his music video for his cool single “Little Miss John Wayne.”

Check it out!

Both singles are in his album
Breaking Boundaries,
available on iTunes.



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