Greg Johnston – Prelude To A Video

In Focus.Greg Johnston - Beach Walk ... #4I had a blast taking footage on location of aspiring model, Greg Johnston, last Mother’s Day for a “secret” project I’m working on.

Greg is so great to work with, got a huge … sense of humor, and burly. :) It’s obvious. Even with his family dinner just a few hours after our shoot schedule, he still showed up, and focused. He does follow-up appointments, that’s unusual for me since I’m usually the one who does that. That’s professionalism right there.

Since most of the photos I’ve seen of him in social media are of him doing quirky thinks, it was fun to direct him and observe to find that money shot. So I asked him to take his shirt off, and there it was, lol. Well, he needed to take his shirt off so he can put on the tank top … and yes, there it was. It’s finding the right moment, angle, and lighting that makes his shots really natural. As I prefer in the moment shots so they don’t look fabricated. I’m very happy at how the shots turned out.

If ever you need a fit male model, check him out. He can be reached thru his Facebook.

Check out more shots from our photo session here.


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