Netflix’s Sense 8, meh.

At first I was intrigued by the tag line and the synopsis. I was expecting something like “Heroes” … but after watching episode one it seemed more like M. Night Shyamalan’s “The Happening,” a very vague chain of events experienced by random people around the world that somehow points to something, something that will make sense at some point. Well, I watched it for forty two minutes and characters were still being introduced. This is by far the longest setup I’ve ever watched in a show. I got bored. It wasn’t intriguing enough nor exciting enough.

Though, my favorite part was the Mexican actor in his trailer. :) I could watch it again, until the part when the supporting actress came over.

The opening sequence, where a white woman laying on a dirty mattress in an abandoned Cathedral who appeared to be in agony and hallucinating, was a bit confusing. She didn’t look angelic to me, nor was it obvious. She was more like Gaius Baltar getting Number Six apparitions.

A lot of scenes where borrowed from the media or stereotypes, like the encounter between a wounded black kid with a gun and police officers, or black “gangsters” hating police on patrol, hippy San Francisco, … really? And what’s with Netflix and men pissing on their father’s grave? “House of Cards” has already done it, try something else. Where’s the creativity? Must the show perpetuate stereotypes so much? Must all races, and sexual orientations, be represented? Yes, the hot Mexican actor is a closeted gay. A rainbow colored dildo used in a Lesbian sex scene, right, otherwise other colors won’t be so obvious, right?

Sense 8 could’ve been great, but it’s trying too hard too damn much.



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