Glenn Stewart’s “Around Again”, Director’s Cut Video

Glenn Stewart just released the Director’s cut version music video of his RuPaul cover of “Around Again.”

Glenn Stewart’s Cover of Rupaul’s “Here it comes- Around Again”. This directors cut, featuring the queens of Rupaul’s Drag Race, is a love story that is told with tact and respect. Glenn is Breaking Boundaries within the Country Music industry and bridging a gap within it and the LGBT community. Tolorence, love and mutual respect.

It’s an awesome version to, what could be construed as, a “standard” music video to a great song. By standard I mean a bar scene, stage performance, money shots, and eye candies. The Director’s cut makes more sense, considering what the song is all about, “falling for someone.” The RuPaul’s Drag Race queens we all love in the first music video are still in it, but there’s an added storyline … “serendipity.” He is flexing his acting skills on this one. Oh, and there are bed scenes. Not that kind of “bed scene” but there are a couple.

The love of his life, Brad Taylor, is featured in the video as the man who caught his eye, whom he kept running into. Brad played the part just right, the “guy-next-door-who-you-wanna-have-drinks-with-but-kinda-shy.” :) There’s nothing more romantic than “serendipity.” If you’re really meant to be together, the universe will work its magic to make it happen. It might take you on a roller coaster journey but it’ll get you there … eventually. I think Nashville needs more artistic work like this. Country Music is known for its strong conservative stance in life, it’s not rocket science. Producing a country song and music video that leans more towards the LGBT community is very brave. Even if the LGBT edit can be taken as merely a “tangent,” it’s a good step in the right direction … for Nashville. I know conservatism by heart, and this one is just right. Ease them in so to speak.

It’s the right amount of man meets guy encounter, tasteful, consistent momentum, and good story progression.

Check it out!




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