Miss Fame’s “Beauty Marked” Debut Album Is Beautiful

Miss-Fame_Beauty-MarkedMiss Fame‘s just released her debut single, Beauty Marked, on iTunes. I am so impressed! It’s a serious album, thank goodness! The tracks are so well crafted, very original, sounds so sophisticated, and very Miss Fame. Even though her album is categorized under the “Dance” genre, it’s not your typical heavy dubstep Drag Racer song geared towards the club scene – except “I Run the Runway”.

It’s so unexpected! Her songs “forces” you to pause and enter a calm introspection. At least that’s how I feel. Listening to the album I see myself in a dim lit hotel room in a big city, looking out the window, watching the neon lights blinking in a starry night. Peace, white noise, and glass of some kind of cold drink.

Her album is a testament that you don’t have to have the vocal talent of Kelly Clarkson to produce a great album … but creativity and sophistication goes a long long way. My favorite track is … all of it! I’m dead serious. But check out “Life Is Beautiful” … when she holds the note in a wailing sort of tone, she almost sounds like Freddie Mercury, just that part. LOL. Just enough to kick in the goosebumps.

I am so impressed! It’s worth mentioning that again.

Beauty Marked
1.  Diamond Life
2.  Rubber Doll
3.  Miss Fame (feat. Alaska Thunderfuck)
4.  Life Is Beautiful
5.  Solid Gold
6.  Zero Gravity
7.  All We Are Is Magic
8.  Give Me Glamour
9.  Smoke & Mirrors
10. I Run the Runway (feat. Violet Chachki)
11. InstaFame

Now available on iTunes.


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