Video of Vancouver, BC in 1907

The past is real! Check out this joy ride video in Vancouver way back in 1907 shot by U.S. filmmaker William Harbeck. It’s amazing to see and realize that some of these buildings still exists today after over a century. Everyone in this video is dead, even the dogs running across the tracks … well, especially them. It looks frigid and gloomy. Women wear huge clothes, an the men wears pretty much the same outfit, a suit. I can’t help but wonder what some of those people where up to at the time this was taken, and what their life must have been like. There’s no twitter back then, no internet, but at least they¬† got electricity.

Today, we have a lot of video footage taken by common folk and kids, like those about cops beating innocent little girls. #currentEvents. That’s probably the hugest contrast between then and now. We may be enjoying great technology, freedoms, and luxury compared to how people live in the past … but it almost seems like we’re suffering more … we’re more lost than they are. Well, I’m just speculating, I’m sure some of the conditions back then where harsher. But it’s great to look at old footage like this and go on a time travel for a few minutes and think about life, in general. And perhaps think about where we are now and how we can better our own situation … and that will add up; peers, family, community, district, city, country, world.

An article about the film can be found here.


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