Christopher Lee, A True Legend, Dies At 93

Christopher Lee, the second most famous Dracula of the 20th century — an impressive feat — and a memorably irrepressible villain in James Bond film “The Man With the Golden Gun,” in the Star Wars films and in “The Lord of the Rings” pics, has died. He was 93.

Lee appeared in 10 films as Count Dracula (nine if his uncredited role in the comedy “One More Time” is excluded).

Lee made his first appearance as the sharp-toothed Count in 1958’s “Horror of Dracula.”
– Variety Article

I thought he was going to live forever! For as long as I can remember he made horror films, and legendary films, like Bond movies, very memorable. I grew up sort of following his film career, mainly because my dad, a movie buff, watched a lot of movies he’s in. From war movies, to Bond films, to Dracula. Being a a big fan of Dracula & werewolf movies, it’s easy to come across his works in films.

Christopher Lee appeared in so many movies and TV shows, 281 as listed on IMDb, and that’s mainly because the guy didn’t nitpick roles. I read somewhere long time ago that he said as long as he gets paid he’d take the job. And it’s obvious from works he’s been in, from awful to great.

For a while I thought he had retired from films, and then I read that he was cast to appear in hugely anticipated movies like “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy and “Star Wars,” I was impressed. His tenacity as an actor is beyond amazing.  He is a true legendary actor, and he will be missed. RIP


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