Bad: Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk, and Sea Salt

Coconut oil, coconut milk, and sea salt are bad for you. Don’t get caught up with the fad.

I don’t know where the West is getting this sudden fascination with sea salt and coconut oil. I remember sea salt being relentlessly pushed off the market by the government & health practitioners in the 80s/90s due to it’s link to hypertension, yet now cooking shows and supplement companies are marketing them as cool.

Coconut oil is derived by heating up grounded mature coconut pulp to a toast. It’s a process that makes the oil carcinogenic. I used to cook this as a kid with my family when making treats. Coconut oil and its milk are high in bad cholesterol. This is something people from Southeast Asia would know.¬† Try consuming food rich with it for a week and enjoy a spike in your cholesterol levels. The oil itself when cooled is like that of beef and pork fat, it turns solid and opaque. I’m sure there’s a profit motive to this, but it’s ridiculous to watch North America getting all caught up to this fad as if they just found a miracle replacement to cooking oil and butter.

Coming from a family who have issues with hypertension, I grew up very aware of this fact. Sure, people can produce studies and what not. But these days, any company can produce one to justify their product. But if you’re part of a culture who actually use coconut for eons you don’t need studies, this information is passed onto you like a birthright.

If you really want oil in your diet … stick to Omega 3 rich fish and olive oil. Minimize your sodium consumption to less than 2,000 milligrams per day. And if you have to consume coconut-based oil, milk, or butter, keep it too a minimum. But personally, if the oil doesn’t come naturally from your food, i.e. meat (pork and beef fat aren’t healthy either if consumed in large quantities), avoid it.

If you are really serious about eating healthy, stick to fresh and natural food like raw vegetables, baked poultry or fish, and whole wheat, brown rice, or small serving of white rice.

[ Update ]

The point of coconut oil turning solid when cooled to room temperature is just like that of beef and pork fat, it’s a property of saturated fatty acid. If you look it up, you’d be surprised to find out that coconut oil has almost three times the amount of saturated fat per serving compared to beef.


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