Leave Rachel Dolezal Alone?

I seriously don’t know what the big deal is with Rachel Dolezal trying to identify herself as black. As if this is the first time people ever heard of anyone trying to be different. Of course people with an agenda will use her, and of course the media will exploit the situation to their advantage, but is this a shocker? Not really.

Just let her be. Her situation is not going to hurt anyone. Sure it may sound weird to some people, but it’s no more weird than those acting all surprised and awkward. There are other weird things that people should be worried about, like Jeb Bush running for President … that’s super weird. Remember, he said he won’t run for President when he was Governor, liar. But I digress. Anyway, she’s not the first person who tried to identify themselves in a race other than what they’re born into. Ever heard of Eminem? Or any white person doing hip-hop? Ok, not the best examples. Remember Michael Jackson? Or any fair-to-dark skinned Southeast Asian woman? Yes, a lot of them want to be white women, I can name names. Skin bleaching? Anyone? Ever heard of the Latin guy who spent so much money to look like Kim Kardashian? A lot of people praised him. What about people deforming themselves to look like cats, because that’s how they truly feel. What about people having plastic surgery to look differently? That’s cool? What about white folk trying to look Asian or Latin … by having a severe tan. Ok? And Rachel Dolezal identifying herself as black is unacceptable? So there are boundaries then? Who set these rules on what people can and can’t be? Who are we to say that how she’s feeling is or is not genuine? Let’s try not be hypocrites here. 

Right-wingers and media exploitation aside … she’s entitled to live her life the way she wants. She may not have the ancestry to be black, but so are people who wants to live life differently. History has nothing to do with it. If she decides to identify herself as a turtle, so be it, it’s none of your concern.

I think people should be more preoccupied with real issues other than jumping onto something as trivial as another person’s personal decision. It only feeds the media and their ratings, and people’s “political” agenda. She’s got nothing to do with you.

Worry about your own life and things that will affect you personally … like food poisoning or minimum wage.



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