Job Openings At The New Nordstrom Vancouver

The new Nordstrom in downtown Vancouver is now hiring over 1,000 jobs! Smacked right in the city center,  Nordstrom now occupies the building where SEARS used to be.

Finally, more shopping options aside from Hudsons Bay and specialty boutiques. Will they be offering the same quality of goods at competitive prices like the ones in Seattle? We’ll see. I do hope they will not make the same mistake Target did, shortchanging Canadians. Do so at your own peril. If prices and selections aren’t better than the ones found in local stores, it will be a tough sell to win customers. And Vancouverites will not mind crossing the border to buy better goods from shops in Bellingham or Seattle.

I was very disappointed with Target. Since I frequent the store when I was still living in Northern California. And I often shop there for RTW whether I’m visiting in California, New York, or Seattle. The product line-up they had was underwhelming,  and over priced. They had poor promotion strategy. Their products were no better than Walmart, in fact Walmart had better deals and options. And for a new business trying to make it in a very picky market, it was a huge misstep. And they never saw that, nor did they made any attempts to get customer feedback, or course correction. Bye! But I digress..  

Check out Nordstrom’s job openings!


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