Alaska Thunderfuck “This is My Hair” … Thank God She’s Back!

Alaska-Thunderfuck_AnusAlaska, Miss Thunderfuck if you’re nasty.

Yass!! I’m so glad she took up that name again, “Alaska Thunderfuck.”  When she started to identify herself as “Alaska 5000″ I asked myself, “What is happening to her brand? Did she caved in to censorship?” She shouldn’t, that’s her identity, why should she care what people or establishments have to say about how she expresses herself? It’s an art form, deal with it people. Her name won’t influence people to smoke a super pot any more than people watching actors drinking alcohol or smoking in the movies will make anyone take up drinking or smoking. People are just too darn sensitive these days, but I digress.

Alaska Thunderfuck’s “This Is My Hair” is her second single from her album “Anus.” LOL I squirm every time I read that. If she wanted a reaction for that extra publicity kick, she got it! It might sound “repulsive” at first but if you look at it from an artistic point of view, it’s actually not so bad. lol.


Okay, she obviously can’t sing. She doesn’t have that singing voice, not by a long stretch. Her look and personality are a given, it’s awesome. But what she lacks in singing she makes up with her severely cool distinct voice she’s blessed with. How do we describe it? A deep sexy drawl bedroom voice … a deep wet tingly voice? A sex voice, ok, that’s what it is. A sex voice. lol I’m trying here! Remember Eminem’s “Stan” song featuring Dido? Well, she’s like that, she’s Dido, but reverse role. I foresee her voice talent getting featured in songs, radio, podcasts, and even animation! It’s just nice to listen to. Like her piece in Miss Fame’s “Miss Fame” song, she sounds great!

“This Is My Hair” is visually great to watch. It is funny, without relying on toilet humor. The guy who dress up like her later in the video actually worked. Oh, he worked … (pause) no, he werked, his ass off. LOL. I was blown away by the reveal too. The sequence of him shot from the back of his head, wearing Alaska’s hair, then snap … turn, bam! Not Alaska, it’s him! Surprise! I was entertained. Alaska’s look were flawless. And the horse, yes, there’s a white horse here too … was a nice touch. A reference to her RuPaul’s Drag Race entrance, yah?

So yes, take that voice to the bank gurl! Nice work!

Alaska-Thunderfuck_AnusAlaska Thunderfuck
Now available on iTunes, lol.
… It sounds funny.

Music video credits, and other info:

Alaska Thunderfuck – This is My Hair [Official]

Buy ‘ANUS’, the debut full length album now on iTunes:…

Director: Jayson Whitmore
Production Company: We Are Royale & Producer Entertainment Group
Project Manager: Dustin Leer
Executive Producer: David Charpentier & Jayson Whitmore

Post Production
Editor: Ryan Frey
Editor: Jayson Whitmore
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Alaska Thunderfuck
Secretary & Dancer: Love Connie
Assistant: Crystal Powers
Courtney Act
Guy 01: Rogerio Carvalheiro
Guy 02: Israel Zamora
Hair Master: Kyle Krieger Inst – @KyleKriegerhair

Director of Photography: Joel Voelker
1st Assistant Director: Andrew Janes
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Director Photography: Joel Voelker
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Wardrobe Provided by:
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