LGBT Don’t Become The Bully

Sometimes I feel like the LGBT community is getting out of control. Marriage equality? Yes. Equal treatment from health service providers? Yes. Tolerance and acceptance? Yes. End work discrimination? Yes. Nuptial catering? No. Car service? No. Wedding cake? No.

What happened to “the right to refuse service?” It’s one thing to demand equal rights, it’s another to bully establishments into catering one’s wants and force them to close shop as a result. Sending employees to the streets, causing grief to their family. And for what? Because a gay couple can’t take no for an answer? Why? Are they the only restaurant, baker, or mechanic on earth? Would it kill them to take their business elsewhere? It’s bullying. Everyone is entitled to exercise their freedom – gay, straight, or undecided.

RuPaul mentioned this in his podcast, paraphrasing, “the victim taking on the attributes of the oppressor.” Is the community becoming that? Are we becoming arrogant that we can’t take “No” for an answer in just about anything or is this a generational thing? The wave of successes is awesome, but this pettiness will be the beginning of the end. Nothing lasts forever.

As Ross Mathews once said on RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race, “You’re All Stars, you’re better than this.”

[ Update : Notes ]
Ok, let me explain this another way. The right to marry, spousal privileges to couples, social services are basic rights everyone should have. Civil rights is for everyone. people should be allowed to exercise their freedom under the confines of the law, that’s democracy. But it’s a private business’ prerogative to refuse service to a customer or serve their target market. It’s nobody’s business to dictate how a private enterprise runs their business, much like a business can’t force their service onto you. Whether their methods or conduct are morally right or not it doesn’t matter, it’s their business. I don’t think it’s illegal to refuse service. Whether it’s politically correct or not, it depends on the situation. But political correctness isn’t always right anyway, and it cuts into freedom of speech. A private business refusing service isn’t a violation of the would-be customer’s rights, at best it’s an inconvenience.

… and that’s why I think the community is getting diluted… people need to focus and stand for rights… not the convenience to do whatever we want…. that’s not realistic. And that’s not how the world works.


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