Periscope, OK, but focus!

Periscope, a new video streaming social media platform, is getting a lot of traction in social media lately. I noticed a lot of TV personalities and celebrities using it to connect to fans directly. I think it’s a great technology to get live interactions from a target audience. It’s a cool and practical alternative technology for video conferencing. I can see it useful when doing live benefit shows, pornography, lol … or simply connecting with family and friends. It’s a cool alternative to Apple’s Face Time.

However, from the standpoint of branding, a celebrity is better off doing a video blog when releasing updates or just providing new content for fans to devour. If Periscope can integrate with YouTube, where video conferences are published as soon as they’re over, that would be more worthwhile. Video sessions seem recorded and stored. I don’t know the technicalities or terms by heart but I do noticed that I have the ability to replay previous feeds. That’s kind of iffy … storing video recordings. Posting a video blog enables fans to comment, replay, and like. The publisher can always reply to comments, so that’s an interaction … check. As well, the publisher has the ability to monetize the content … like in YouTube videos. With Periscope, you can’t, for now. I’ve watched a few feeds, from Morgan McMichael, Mariah Balenciaga, and Miss Fame. And I’ve heard them say things that are worth noting. Statements that are very informational … footage that are best recorded, edited, and published on YouTube. As well, the video session has no time limit, it’s up to the broadcaster when they want to stop. So viewers will end up “wasting” time watching for something to happen, like watching live feeds from Big Brother – which I find exhausting to watch, so I opted for the “highlights footage.” But I suppose, if celebrities just want to drum up support, like inviting people to come to an impending gig, that’s great. But then, Instagram is doing that perfectly.

I don’t know why people have to jump into bandwagons so quickly without even thinking. Just because it’s new doesn’t mean to say you have to have it. For celebrities, just being in all social media format is really just creating a nightmare … in terms of content management. But if a brand just want to be everywhere, I suppose, sure … but that’s not really the best strategy nor is it the best way to focus in honing one’s brand. Imagine the “terms of agreements” you have to deal with across applications?! As if Facebook is not tricky enough. To me the best way to manage content is to centralize it and keep it close, keep it to a few select channels, but divert everything to one record of truth, your own site — be it YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or host your own – but make sure you know your “rights” as content producer before publishing your content on a platform. It’s the best way to manage content, gauge traffic and effectiveness in keeping your brand alive!

So Periscope is nice, but I think it needs something else to make it worth using.

Yes, I’ve uninstalled the app, for now.

[ Update ]
@bluebay700 You can save your Periscope broadcasts and post to You Tube” ~ @DragcentricDeb. Thanks for that DragcentricDeb. With that, I highly recommend Drag Race queens post video sessions on YouTube for fans to watch later.


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