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Anyone who follows RuPaul, either on the show, social media or the media, knows how huge a positive force he is. His works in the entertainment industry has helped open the door of enlightenment and acceptance for drag, and the LGBT community in general, and in effect helped influence pop culture into embracing the idea that it is okay to be different. He’s been preaching and championing the same message of “love,” “self-expression” and “not taking one’s self too seriously” from the get go. “If you can’t love yourself, how in the world can you love somebody else? Can I get an ‘Amen’ up in here?” his famous closing words on his ever popular show, RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been his catch phrase even before Drag Race was created.

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In the clip, “It Got Better Featuring RuPaul“, he talked about his journey in search of his “tribe,” how he found his calling, and self-discovery. It’s an amazing story of perseverance, persistence, and the tenacity of the human spirit. You’ll hear RuPaul talk about the same journey at great lengths in his books and in his podcast “What’s The Tee?” with Michelle Visage.

His life lessons are a familiar message, for anyone who follows him. And it’s a great one to keep in mind. One thing anyone can count on RuPaul is his integrity and consistency.

It’s easy to forget that RuPaul does not just stand for “Drag Race,” he’s more than that. He is a trailblazer in the LGBT community who, and thru his works has greatly contributed to the evangelization of pop culture that being gay is not just okay … it’s sickening!

Video Info:

Published on Jun 3, 2015
It wasn’t until RuPaul fled his hometown for the bright lights of New York that he was able to find his tribe, and find himself.

Featuring: RuPaul
Directed By: Heather Ross

Executive Producers:
Dan Bucatinsky
Lisa Kudrow
Brian Pines
Dan Savage


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