Translink / Transit Referendum … No Thank You

Transit Referendum voting results are in, 38.32% YES and 61.68% NO. Common sense prevailed!

This plebiscite has so much shadiness written all over it from the get go. They conveniently left out a minor detail that sales tax, starting from 0.5%, will increase by 0.5% annually until it reaches its cap of 2.5%! They used Vancouver Metro’s cheaper administration fees, due to organizational structure, compared to other provinces as a selling point to justify the huge bill to be paid for by tax payers – who are already struggling to make ends meet and making do with low minimum wage! Then there’s the shoddy plan – riddled with questionable plans that deviates from their goal of improving commerce traffic, like bike lanes along the Seymour River, special light rail for Surrey-Langley, additional buses and seabus schedules without any improvement to existing infrastructure, “fixing” bridges that don’t need fixing, etc. Other than the Massey Tunnel improvement, which was already put in place by the Province before to the plebiscite, is the only sound thing about the whole plan. The Mayor failed to address real issues that are more concentrated towards the heart of Metro Vancouver, but instead proposed a lot of plans further away from it, in places that really don’t have any traffic issue. It was a mess!

Moving Port Metro to the Tsawwassen ferry terminal would be more worth the money and effort, and it WILL reduce traffic in the populous metro and concentrate truck traffic closer to major highways instead! We don’t need more buses on the roads, we need better and wider roads! But no, it was more of a pet project, a pat on the back for his re-election supporters. No plans on expanding the Lions Gate bridge or Clark Drive, which are a REAL bottlenecks.

And why are tax payers paying for infrastructure anyway? Aren’t we paying enough taxes to fund these projects already? It’s unheard of.

The fact that it was the best plan they could come up with, with no “Plan B” highlights the kind of questionable leadership competency the people just re-elected.

Read more about the plebiscite results from Metro news.



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