Assuming Robbie Turner Made It To RuPaul’s Drag Race

You know what time is it? It’s time to play “Assuming Robbie Turner Made It To RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 8, Which Challenges Would She Do Very Well?” game!

“Stage freight,” what is it? “Nerves,” what is it? It’s not in her vocabulary. I won’t explain ‘why?’ just wait for this discourse to unravel the truth.

Robbie Turner

Based on the main challenges that we’ve seen on RuPaul’s Drag Race seasons past, we can speculate which challenges they may bring in the next season. And from my firsthand knowledge gained from following Robbie Turner’s drag career, here’s what I say about which challenges she’ll do well, and then some.

Comedy Challenge

The impeccable Robbie Turner will do very well in the comedy challenges, hands down. She is hilarious at any given moment, it’s in her DNA. Even if she’s just sitting there in front of her makeup station with an alcoholic beverage and staring at nothing, you’d be laughing your ass off.

Singing Challenge

She can sing, no auto-tune required, thank you very much. So she’ll do great in that challenge as well. Have you seen her “The Robbie Turner Revue” show at The Hard Rock Cafe in Seattle? You should. It’s a live show. Which means, she’ll do well in a group, musical and choreography challenge.

RuPaul Roast

Reading, yes. She’ll do great in that too. She has that very sharp wit and great timing. Very important must haves in order to deliver a good read. A well read queen, which is very important when making pop culture references. She does it with such high precision in R Place shows. She can read people of all walks of life – gays, straight, Christians. Everyone.

Acting Challenge

Have you watched the “Capitol Hill” web series on YouTube? The show which also stars BenDeLaCreme, and with special appearances by Jinx Monsoon and pit crew, Jason J. Carter, demonstrates her acting prowess. There’s even a sordid bed scene in it! So you can count nude illusion challenge covered too.

Snatch Game

She’ll do very well in the “Snatch Game”¬† with her great Liza Minnelli impersonation. She actually started her drag career being Liza Minnelli. She has lip synced her song “Liza with a ‘Z'” to perfection that she can pretty much do it with her eyes close, with out the song playing, and just her, tilting her head left and right to the song’s beat going on in her head. See?! Amazing!

Of course, nobody is perfect right? So, here’s the wrench to her engine …

Design and “Themed Look” Challenges

She’s got the fine wardrobe and the saggy fake boobs in her treasure chest, we all know that. Themed runway looks … check! But depending on the runway look challenge, if they have to create something, crafty as she is, her outfits and costumes were mostly commissioned, because she can afford it, LOL BAM!, but yeah, this could potentially be her ONLY Achilles heels.

What Else?

She can do high glam, she can do camp, she can do it all. Lastly, we all know Drag Race loves a juicy background, and she’s got one. You want to know more? Read my interview with her for the series “Uhmazing!

Therefore, I can say that Robbie Turner is a natural entertainer, she has mastered her craft and everything that she needs to make it far on the show and perhaps potentially win the title of “America’s Next RuPaul’s Drag Race Superstar!” She will make it far, unless of course, she pukes on the stage and get disqualified, but that’s been done!

Send all your positive energy her way! And hope for the best!



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