In Transition is currently undergoing some changes. Particularly, content management and look and feel in preparation for the upcoming “Uhmazing! Lifestyle Magazine” debut release and Drag Con 2016. All photo releases, unless they’re meet and greet or commissioned, will be delayed until the new media asset management is full in place – it will be easier for “everyone.”


Some changes already in-place are social media login, layout, and new photo album organization. The social media login was rolled out so people don’t have to register by completing a form. is a publication site, it’s not a social media site. It doesn’t need your personal information, that’s not what this site is for, but it seems by just requiring e-mail addresses to register it exposes the site to a hoard of scammers worldwide. Social media login will add a layer of security to the site, so only “legit” people can access certain content. As well, commenting, although not discouraged, is easily abused by people posting shady links – we’ve blocked so many sites already, it’s awful.

Photo album organization has been revamped with a new taxonomy so it’s easier to search and navigate album catalogs based on the “theme.” Print option for certain albums will be rolled out soon, but this is low-priority. Prints will be in high resolution, compared to the download option, but will still include the watermarked caption. Note that the current image download is at 80% quality only, since this isn’t the final download process that was planned for the site.

Layout has changed to emphasize on publication highlights. This change is still in a fluid state, as more features will be added soon to further enhance user experience.

What’s Next?

Here are some of the short-term site changes:

  • New photo Download feature to align with the site’s new content management strategy. All images will then be at 100% quality.
  • Events submission, for event organizers and entertainers who want their events published on the site. Note, that all events will be screened before publication and must align with the site’s scope.
  • “Uhmazing! Lifestyle Magazine” subscription page.

These changes are gradual, since the site is supported completely by volunteers. But we love what we do for fun. So stay tuned!

[ Update 2015-07-17 ]

New photo Download feature is now live! Registered members are now able to access original photo resolution, higher quality, compared to non-members.


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