Robbie Turner Injured Her Ankle, I’m So Happy!

2014-04-17 The Robbie Turner Revue - Part IVSaturday was an exceptionally hectic day, it felt like Vancouver Pride almost, but “nothing” topped my excitement when I heard word from a “friend from the nether world” as early as 2:00am-ish Sunday about what happened to Robbie Turner, one of Seattle’s top caliber drag entertainer.

News Flash

I’ve covered Robbie Turner’s events for a while now, and have featured her on the site’s “Uhmazing!” series, not to mentioned photographed her for a smazillion gazillion times, of which I haven’t released all due to the reason. I’ve written about her quite a few times, so just search the site for it, as I’m not going to rehash it in this article. She and Atasha Manila are two of Seattle’s top (performers, … entertainers, … drag!) queens I know personally (not “that” personal) and follow, and of whom I’m rooting for to get on RuPaul’s Drag Race. BAM! There’s the bomb.

Ok, so Robbie Turner had a knee ankle injury, per her Facebook status update, and that she may need up to two weeks to recover in Provincetown, Massachusetts. I’ve never been so excited since I meet RuPaul in person. BAM! Name dropped. :) Sorry.


The Rumor

“Bitch please…” was my second thought after getting the report.  Four things, and I’m done, sort of.

  1. Robbie has jumped onto VIP guests on their seats at moment’s notice and danced (humped) on chairs so many times it makes a Shaolin Monk stepping on poles seem like child’s play (best reference I could make), and I’ve never seen her slip, ever! I mean, heck … she literally watered the stage at R Place so many times in some of her performances and she never slipped or tripped, ever! Well, her shoe came off once or twice, but that doesn’t count.
  2. She did said, allegedly, Drag Race casting agents has contacted her before. Uhm, can I say this? Well, that was season six, so, perhaps it’s okay.
  3. We all know the Drag Race drill prior to taping, okay?! The fans get it, we all get it, so it’s cool, even if we are all rolling our eyeballs with the alibi.
  4. If you don’t follow Robbie Turner on twitter, I must tell you that she favorites and retweets my articles about her religiously on a daily basis! And if you follow her on Facebook, you will know that she is relentless with her updates. So, then all a sudden … nothing? Ok, I’m not a doctor or anything, but I’m sure an ankle isn’t part of the arm and hands. Unless her “recovery” required inducing her in a coma for a few weeks, or that Ptown is so dated they have no electricity or internet, then fine, I can “believe” that. But as Robbie would say in her stand-up monologs … “too real?” Oh, and by the way she didn’t start using that phrase quite often recently for nothing! We know, we know … #branding.

Presenting.Robbie Turner (Seattle) - Tangerine DelightSo there. I’m sure everyone associated with the show will deny it, as what this “bird” said, but, ya know what they say “if it talks like a drag queen, walks like a drag queen, and dresses like a drag queen, it’s probably a duck.” ;)

But you know, we all have acting skills of some level. So, let’s go with the flow. Good luck on your “recovery!” Don’t come home too soon, you here?!

I’m so excited … not about the ankle injury, but about the weather finally cooling down. (cough)

And if I’m wrong and if it’s really true that she’s hurt … (pause) LOL, gurl … sure, let’s think that.


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