In Focus Featuring Justin Tyler Savage

In Focus.Justin Tyler Savage - Lighthouse ... is proud to feature in this new installment of “In Focus,” Seattle’s vibrant singing bartender, Justin Tyler Savage.

I had the greatest pleasure to catch up with Justin for a photo shoot at the historic West Point Light in Seattle, Washington State. After months of anticipation, the weather and our schedules finally caved in. With just a week left prior to his departure to Detroit for a singing audition for the hit television series, “The Voice,” it was a now or never situation.

The lean ginger twenty-two year old caught my attention many months ago while covering an event at R Place – the popular Seattle nightclub known for frequently headlining RuPaul’s Drag Race cast members, where he works full-time. His bubbly personality and tattoo adorned arms makes him hard to miss.

Our drive from his flat to the shoot location was very revealing. It was like a “RuPaul Drives” episode, but with me as the driver. The upbeat health buff is deep. I’ve learned that at a very young age he has already faced great challenges in life, and has served as the rock to others who where going through intense emotional periods in their own life. His positive mindset and tenacity enabled him to persevere through those tough challenges. His tattoos tell all the story. One in particular summarize everything that he stands for, it’s the tattoo on his right wrist, it says, “Life Is Beautiful. A quote from Talib Kweli’s “The Beautiful Struggle” …

“Life is beautiful
Life is a struggle
Life is a beautiful struggle”
~Talib Kweli

It was great working with him. With very limited time, the popular location and limited parking made going to the site a little intense. But his easy going attitude and humor made the photo shoot much more fun. Focusing on the task at hand was easy, but waiting for onlookers to move awat, who were obviously drawn to his gorgeous physique and tattoos, was a different story. There was plenty of great poses, laughs, sun, sand, and exposed skin. It was fantastic!

When you’re down in Seattle check him out at R Place and say “Hi!” or follow him on social media. For gig bookings, contact him directly through social media.

Photo gallery: In Focus – Justin Tyler Savage


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