Presenting.Vivi Milan In City Gurl

vivi-milan_cityGurl_312Presenting Vivi Milan (Vancouver, BC).

These new Vancouver drag queens that are coming out of the woodwork mean business, they’re not kidding around.

I took notice of Vivi while covering the Abolut’ly Drag-U-Lous show at The Junction early April, and I said to myself, “she’s new.”

Her drag look immediately stood out for me. She was well put together, and since I don’t drink while doing photography coverage, that testament isn’t skewed nor influenced by liquor.

It was a very interesting meet. Her drag name rings a bell, Vivienne Pinay of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five and Milan of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Four comes to mind. It’s a lovely drag name and it’s easy to remember and SPELL. With just two months of doing drag when I first meet her, this twenty-one year old is the city’s latest neophyte queen that I’ve seen who seem to break out at step five. First time in drag … BOOM! it’s all there.

A trained dancer, she already shows a lot of promise. And with Vancouver’s top queen, Raye Sunshine, as her drag mother, she’s definitely destined to make it big in the local drag entertainment circuit. For starters, she managed to bag a spot in Carlotta Gurl’s weekly Saturday show at The Junction only a week after our meeting, followed by numerous other bookings thereafter, including gigs for Vancouver Pride this coming August.

Her debut drag performance at The Junction proved she got what it takes. Tight lip sync, great choreography, a fierce look to match, and with a couple of great backup dancers she’s proved her point. She’s very entertaining to watch. If you wish to follow Vivi Milan or book her for a gig, contact her via social media.

Check out my impromptu photo shoot with Vivi Milan.


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