Manila Luzon’s “Ice Cream” Tickles To The Bone

Manila Luzon, RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 3 Runner Up, RuPaul’s Drag U Professor, and RuPaul’s All Stars Drag Race Season One contestant, just released her latest single “Ice Cream,” along with its music video. The cool and catchy song, which features Andre Xcellence, is one of her best single yet! I like the vocals, it’s fun to listen to. When she sings “Ummm Yummmy!” it reminds me of the Powerpuff Girls for some reason.


The accompanying music video is riddled with meat products, uhm, I mean, gorgeous male models. :) It’s great to watch familiar faces in the video from social media and Drag Race like Delta Work, Montana Volby, and Eddie Eduardo (aka Ginger Eddie). Between the muscular men lounging around, the choreography, the hot bodies, the silliness, Manila Luzon making funny faces, the models’ chiseled bodies, Manila’s gorgeousness, and nudity I can’t help but giggle.


It’s fun to watch and listen to. Not at all dirty … okay, maybe just a smudge. :) The song and music video is so Manila Luzon … it tickles to the bone.

Check it out!

Music video credits:

Directed by Brad Hammer
Director of Photography: Noah Ramos
Editor: Dekel Lazimi Lev
Post: Rami Mikhail

Choreography/Art Direction: Chancelor Dayne @chancelordayne
Hair & Make Up: Timothy Willy
Underwear & Swim Wear: CheapUndies
Costume Designer: Marco Marco

Featuring: Andre Xcellence

Dancers: Chancelor Dayne, Dexter Mayfield, Chaz Knight, Alex Bullon, Danny Luna, Mackenzie Green
Ice Cream Girls: Delta Work, Kiki Xtravaganza
Lead Ice Cream Man: Mickael Desinno
Ice Cream Boys: Jon Varak, Eddie Eduardo, Casey Everett, Landon Scott, Eric East, Chris Serrato, Joey “Little Roo” Hakim, Austin Watie, Andres Hunt
Pole Dancer: Jonny Manzanares
Neopolitan Boys: Jardon Derrick, Montana Volby, Timothy Willy

Mic J Rez
Andres Hunt
Ice Cream Ian
Timmy WIlly

“Ice Cream”
Written and Produced by “The Prodigal” & “Andre Xcellence” for The American Commission.
Copyright (C) 2015 American Commission


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