Vancouver Pride, Next Year

For the past couple of weeks downtown Vancouver was abuzz with a flurry of pre
-Pride events. This weekend Vancouver will officially celebrate its’ Pride festivities; Pride parade, block panties, and theme shows, the whole nine yards. And from the look of things it’s going to be even busier Pride this year.

Recently, more opportunities has opened for local drag entertainers and talent, thanks to the demand bought about by nightclub re-openings, like the XY on Davie and Bute – formerly “Heaven Door,” major drag shows, like the ones produced by TFD Presents, and themed events, like those organized by Big Roger Events, and MN Events. Established nightclubs, like Celebrities Nightclub and The Junction has their own lineup of events for Pride as well, complete with import talents to help spice things up.

New local talents, like young drag entertainers, has been coming out of the woodwork lately. These young queens hit the ground running. They look great, they have something to show, and they’re hungry.

I took up a Pride photography gig organized by MN Events, which took place last night at The PINT. I recently covered a boat cruise event they organized, and it was a lot of fun.
This time around it’s on land, and more intense. It’s sort of an S&M, sem-nudity, and fashion kinda theme. The RUFF Pride event was on multiple floors, yet the place was packed wall-to-wall. The underground level started to steam because there where so many men, and some women. Guys took their shirt off, and more steam was let out. There where event goers who dressed up, or down, as in almost nothing – tight glutes all hanging bare for all to marvel.

It was such a great experience, and I’m sure the rest of the events I’ll miss will be just as nuts. I’m going away to Mexico for a week long vacation. Bad timing, but hey, I got upgraded to first class for nothing.


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