Courtney Act’s “Body Parts” Very Tasteful

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Six Australian songbird and top three finalist – Courtney Act, released yesterday the official music video of her new single, “Body Parts.”¬† It’s the fourth track of her Kickstarter funded EP, “Kaleidoscope“.courtney-act_kaleidoscope_03

She was my pick to win Drag Race 6 before the show aired, and I stuck to my guns with that decision even if it became obvious after four episodes that Bianca Del Rio was going to take the crown like no biggie, the bitch owned it. (pause) I be you Bianca even read the film crew during taping, lol, but I digress.

Courtney Act’s “Welcome to Disgraceland” music and video, to me, is one of her best works to-date, if not the top. I’ve been waiting for so long since the conclusion of her season for her to deliver something of similar caliber. I must say that her close association with Willam Belli, a great artist in her own right whom I also follow, has gotten to a point where she was sort of doing Willam-ish kind of productions – you know … comedy, raunchy, whore-ish (lol, it’s a good thing), or spoof kind of material. There’s nothing wrong with that and it’s entertaining, but it seems like a lot of the Drag Race alumnae are doing it that I’ve gotten a little bit tired of it. I thought she’s got the gift so why not go for platinum instead of gold? Miss Fame broke this trend, thank goodness, and now this.

courtney-act_kaleidoscope_02The “Body Parts” single sounds very familiar to me. It’s giving me a lot of 80s disco flavor and hints of Kylie Minogue and Janet Jackson. I am amazed of her singing voice, she sounds so feminine. It’s amazing! I really don’t understand the whole song because of the way she sings it, but it’s awesome nonetheless. Maybe I’ll look up the lyrics later, but I’m sure it’s about “sex” so it really doesn’t matter. Again, it sounds great!

The song’s official music video has a few references to Madonna’s “Girl Gone Bad” music video but it’s done in a way that it’s unique enough and fresh. She made it her own. The art and video direction is excellent! Great lighting and angles. Although the video showcase a lot of semi-naked muscular attractive men, and one biological woman, it’s done in a way where the choreography is very artsy and visually appealing. There’s nothing vulgar or scandalous about it. I have to say it will leave your mouth watery, lol. I also have to point out that I like all the visual references to the album title, kaleidoscope – literally, and I thought it’s very clever.

So thank you Courtney Act for producing a sensual yet very tasteful music video. Kudos to you and your team. This is serious stuff! And it’s now one of my favorite Courtney works, next to “Welcome to Disgraceland.” It sets her apart from the rest of her fellow Drag Racers in terms of production quality. Music-wise, at last she joins the ranks Miss Fame has created with “Rubber Doll.”

Watch the “Body Parts” music video below:

Video credits:

Directed / Produced / Styled / Choreographed:

Director of Photography: Marvin Joseph
Editor: Miles Selwyn & Marvin Joseph
Production Designer: Cody Fusina
Colorist: David Adametz
Ivy Heeney
Sarah Alice Burns
Kevin Mylrea
Lochart Brownlie
Nick Guertz
David Ratcliffe
Andrew De Luna
Devin Walker
Hair: Zac Morad

“Thank you to American Apparel for suppling some of the wardrobe!”~Courtney Act.

courtney-act_kaleidoscope_01It’s funny that I just found the lyrics after writing this blurb:

Body Parts
Written by Courtney Act, Sam Sparro & Jake Shears

Hand on my shoulder and down to my waist
Flipping me over put me in my place
Out on the edge is where we intertwine
Pushing your boundaries, while you pull mine

Pre Chorus
I don’t need love, but I want your touch
Thank you very very much
Better get it up cause it’s time to start

I want your body parts, body parts
You’ve got to stop making it hard for me
Give me your body parts, don’t need your heart
Cause that’s all it’s meant to be

Now that you got me is this what you thought
Rip off the labels, I’m not what you bought
But you still like me, what does that mean
I’ll be your peaches, just add cream

Courtney Act’s six-track Kaleidoscope – EP is now available on iTunes. Buy it! It’s so worth your US$6.99 bucks!






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