Life Made Easier – Taming Social Media

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This is how I feel when people give me an attitude.

There are over three billion people on this planet with Internet access. The human brain has been theorized to only retain a maximum of two hundred meaningful social relationships. I’m not running for public office, so I don’t need to please the masses. So would I feel bad if I block little brats online who are out of sync with my wavelength? NO.

I’m an independent person. My parents couldn’t tell me what to say or do. And by gawd, I don’t need strangers’ approval to tell me how to react or live my life. I’ve made tremendous amount of sacrifices since I was little, I’ve lived in four different countries to suit my needs, and took the extra mile to make sound and practical decisions for myself at no one’s expense – mostly. That’s why it ticks me off when people boss me around for nothing. I’ve lived this long and made it this far relying on my own wits, so what makes these little brats think their attitude mean anything to me?

I can be a very competitive person if I need to be. I’m game for debates and conversations with a flirty flare, but I have little tolerance for bad language, smug attitude, and indecisiveness. Life is too short to deal with little divas. We don’t have to agree on anything, just be sassy not bitchy.

So, what’s the solution to all the nastiness in social media? Don’t read what you don’t like. That simple. And if they come for you with an attitude? Block. Block the bitch. Move on. Find your tribe.

What about dealing with difficult people outside social media? Well there are over seven billion people on this planet, and counting, spread out in 196 countries … re-read what I wrote from the top. Thanks.

Viva su vida!

Thank you and goodnight!


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