Arian Levanael, The Tree Everyone Wants To Climb

World renowned aerialist and well-gifted entertainer, Arian Levanael, also known as “The Amazing Ari,” is featured in an article by nature and landscape photographer turned fine art and nude photographer, Ross Spirou for Beautiful Mag. I’m at a loss on the essay, but the photographs more than made up for it.

Personally, I’m on the fence about tattoos. It’s a form of self-expression and I get that. Since it’s a bit more “permanent” (tattoo removals won’t completely remove the ink) and it modifies your appearance, and therefore people’s perception of you, I feel like it’s something people should really think seriously before getting. And if done right and tastefully it can improve one’s appearance and at the same time make a statement, case in point, François Sagat’s cranium tattoo and Arian Levanael.

I don’t know how long I’ve followed Arian Levanael on social media, but this I know, he’s got so much sex appeal it rivals David Beckham. To each his own and taste is very subjective, for sure. Beyond the great look is an amazing aerial acrobat and talented photographer – especially the self-portrait ones. For me, beyond the eye candy a fan will naturally move to another plane of admiration to “keep the fire burning” so to speak. That’s where talent, personality, and creativity comes in. As a fan of fitness, I easily relate to his lifestyle, like him being a yoga teacher and being limber and so fit. At the age of 41 (guessing), and still look that great, so agile, down-to-earth and self-driven, he’s definitely a great role model for men.

But enough about that, let’s go back to his sex appeal, shall we? :) I’d climb this tree like I don’t give a F! lol. Excuses. I am a prude by heart, but I enjoy harmless flirtations, tease, humor, and eye candies. They’re the spice of life that won’t get you in jail. It makes your heart flutter without the added burden, lol. His photographs are very spicy, I can tell you that. But they’re done in a way that it teases your senses in an artful and non-vulgar way. His tattoos are amazing and impactful. I’m not really sure what they all mean, because I believe most tattoos have a back story, but they are very suggestive and delightful. I bet it has a lot of influence from his yoga.

I’m delighted to know that he meet a fellow Vancouverite I know and have photographed in the past, Rob Goddard – The Amazing Race Canada Season 2. So by virtue of six degrees of separation, I already meet the Amazing Ari. :)

Beautiful Mag has featured him twice now, and it’s just right. There are indeed very interesting shots and compositions, and regardless of taste, he’s definitely a delightful model to photograph. Now, would I? If I can find my nerves, maybe.

Check the articles: Arian Levanael by Ross Spirou, August 21, 2015 and Arian Levanael by Matias Galan, January 13, 2012.

Check out Ari Levaneal online:


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