– Now That The Feds Has Finally Solved Terrorism

By now it’s common knowledge, especially in the LGBT community, that has been shut down by the Feds, allegedly for money laundering and state prostitution. It feels like cops planting narcotics on innocent victims so they can arrest them. The charges simply sounds fictitious. I suppose now that the drug cartels have been neutralized, the war on terror is finally over, and everything is peaceful and quiet the US Federal Government can finally look into other matters … such as hook-up sites. I mean, they’ve made so many successes on so many things, so why not tackle something else different. After all, it seems to be a big trend to get news coverage lately, just look at Ashley Madison … it’s not only straight people who does these “questionable” acts, right? (INSERT SARCASTIC FACE)

“Is that why we mobilized a federal agency to combat international terrorism? To use those ass-ets to targets boy’s ass-es? Our nation, our government, those prosecutors should be so ashamed of themselves. It is unconscionable, unbelievable, and almost surreal.

Some people want to buy couches; other people cocks. Deal with it. The matter is not for you to judge. Adult men seeking masseurs and escorts should have that unfettered right. provided the Internet a vehicle wherein consenting adults made free choices.”–Attorney Norm Kent.

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