Chris Daughtry, Finally!

Chris Daughtry, American Idol Season five top four and successful recording artist, just concluded a hit concert at the PNE Ampitheatre. He is one of my favorite contestant on American Idol Season five, the other one is Kellie Pickler, and I think he should’ve won their season. Him and Pickler achieved far greater success in their music careers post-Idol, so much more than the top three. The show’s voters got it wrong in season five.

Yep, before the Drag Race “obsession” … I was hooked on American Idol, only season five and six though.

This photo is not find Waldo. That’s Chris off-center. I was just seated way back with a bad camera situation.


The bee-line of concert goers, waiting for the gates to open at 6:30pm, grew so fast that I asked myself, “Where did all these Daughtry fans came from?” Who knew Daughtry have so many Canadian fans? You can tell because they know the lyrics to every song and they bring banners saying “This is my first concert. Hug me!” and stuff. I said, “Sit down sir, you’re blocking your daughter’s view.” lol, I’m kidding, it’s his son. No really, it was a girl who put up the poster with those sweet demanding words, but I know darn well it was her mom’s idea, who was visibly trying to hold back tears behind her. Those huge jumbotrons on both sides of the stage don’t lie, ;) kidding girls,  (sigh) but I digress. Daughtry was kind enough to send an “air-hug” because she’s far from the stage, and he asked her to return it. Sweet, ok, I’m next. (cough) Anyway …

The PNE Ampitheatre is a big venue, it can fit up to seven thousand guests, and it was packed! The permanent bench-style seating, which can hold up to four thousand five hundred people, was pretty much full, the reserved seats on the floor area was up to near-capacity, and then there where free roamers – standing-only on the floor and behind the benches. I estimate roughly five thousand people watched Daughtry belt out his and other people’s songs.

The Program

I’ve just found out he actually put out a fourth album, “Baptized” released in 2013. I only have the first three; “Daughtry” (2006), “Leave This Town” (2009), and “Break the Spell” (2011). My favorite is a tossup between “Daughtry” and “Leave This Town.” I listen to those two albums on repeat whenever I’m on a road trip, even if it’s just driving from San Francisco to Los Angeles. His singing voice got so much power and his songs are so moving. Although the songs can sometimes can sound similar-ish, they’re distinct enough to allow you to focus on the message and melody. His songs make you think and reflect. He sampled each album and did a few covers of some popular songs, which was cool, but quite frankly I think he’s got enough hit songs to sing for two hours. I like it that he doesn’t take himself too seriously, like him saying he wish the hit songs he was singing was theirs. lol.

I also like it how he tries to convince the audience that he knows a great deal about Vancouver even if in reality it may not be the case, like when he said, paraphrasing, “I love Vancouver, the city has so many things that makes you wanna do stuff.” That’s kinda accurate-ish. lol Yay for stuff!

Great Performance!

Anyway, I enjoyed his concert. I’ve seen him in person … finally! I didn’t get to meet him, unlike Kellie Pickler back in Mountain View, California, where I had the opportunity to do a meet and greet, because it wasn’t in the program. :) Maybe some other time in another venue when our paths cross again. But this is a good start.

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Daughtry’s latest album, “Baptized” (2013),
is available on iTunes.
Also Check is other works here.
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