Vancouver In The Dark

The powerful wind storm, and later heavy but brief downpour, that hit Vancouver today left 280,000 customers without power. Fallen trees damaged properties and power lines, and left some commuters stranded.

BCHydro-Power-ETAMothernature’s wrath didn’t keep people from venturing out and have fun. For one thing, the PNE, which is in full swing, was open early in the morning. Once the wind intensified, the fair released an update on Twitter that they suspended the event. But then after the strong wind subsided in the early they posted another update that the fair will resume with free entrance. The concert went ahead as scheduled. Some people decided to venture downtown Vancouver, where power was available. Establishments on East Hastings Sunrise’s East Village that were lucky enough to have power had to manage a sudden influx of people looking for candles, batteries, and food. A lot of emergency items where sold out.

“This is the worse storm we’ve seen since 2006,“ BC Hydro declared on its tweeter account, and asked customers to be patient. They estimated that the power for BC Lower Mainland will be restored by noon Sunday.

Source: BCHydro update.


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