Miley Cyrus, Drag Race, and the VMAs

Miley-Cyrus_VMA_Drag-RaceMy opinion of Miley Cyrus has drastically changed in the last five or so years. I used to frown when I heard about her Disney birthday party, and pretty much all the shenanigans I heard about her in the media. I didn’t really pay attention to her work uuntil the release of her “Wrecking Ball” hit, and even then I had an unfavorable opinion about her. But then I realized she’s just a kid playing the Hollywood game, it’s business. Her antics works for her though. Anyway, I happen to  sit behind her during at the RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 finale in Los Angeles, only four seats away in fact. Based on what I observed from that close encounter, I thought she’s really just indeed a kid, but  with a career in the music and show business. She’s … “normal”… like every other young adult. The experience didn’t make me a fan overnight, but it changed my opinion of her. Then she enlisted a hoard of Drag Racers for her performance at the MTV VMAs a few days ago, and I’m like.. “Ok, that’s it. She rocks!” I’m definitely a supporter now. A fan the show, and the gurls, are pretty much my tribe. ☺ I think artistic works do send a message, but sometimes you don’t have to take things too literally.

Check out the RuGurl’s (Drag Race alumnae) experience working with her at the VMAs from the eyes (and camera) or… Shangela Laquifa Wadley.

Miley Cyrus delivered a show for every sense imaginable when she hit the MTV VMAs stage to belt out “Dooo It!” on Sunday.

The high-octane performance was an orchestrated surprise that Cyrus and her dancers – a group of drag queens and trans activists – spent a week perfecting.

Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race may have recognized Shangela, aka D.J. Pierce, on Cyrus’ left side throughout the number. In the midst of the excitement, she captured the group’s experience in her YouTube series Living with Shangela. Keep reading for the behind-the-scenes video and what she told PEOPLE about Cyrus’ wild night.

Source: People


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