Olympus Values Loyalty Via Upgrades

As the Olympus Micro Four-Thirds flagship model of the OM-D series, the E-M1 was a powerhouse from the get-go, and Feature Update 4.0 ensures it stays best in class.

Olympus-OMD-EM1The upcoming Feature Update 4.0 (firmware upgrade) scheduled for release late November 2015 is packed with so many cool new features, it’s like buying a new camera! It’s great to have companies like

Tangent time: Olympus clearly values customer loyalty, unlike some big companies out there who abandon early adopters rendering their gadgets obsolete after succeeding product generations – do you hear Samsung, Microsoft, Apple, etc? It’s not about keeping up with technological advances, it’s about not wasting electronics and keeping a green strategy. Why should consumers change hardware twice a year? The thing is, hardware specifications in immediate upgrades aren’t so different. So why even bother? Just so these companies can please their investors? Why not focus on improving features and ironing out kinks, via firmware or software updates? It would be great if companies perfect their product and increase the timeline between major releases, maybe once every eighteen months at least. I for one used my Samsung Galaxy S3 until the micro USB charger gave up. It still works for my heavy social media needs, even with S6 generation lurking, I still didn’t find the need to upgrade until I had a hard time charging. And when I did, I switched to LG since the the lack of removable battery and micro SD expansion were deal breakers – battery leaks, the inability to switch spare batteries, and use memory cards are a big let down. Memory these days are cheap, so why force people to use cloud storage? Backup and recovery is all a matter of personal routine. Besides, for people who travel, a reliable internet access is quite a challenge – if you travel outside of your first-world metropolis. But I digress.

If Olympus keeps this strategy, I’ll be buying their products for years to come – lenses and accessories. So thank you!

Check out these upcoming features for Feature Update 4.0, it’s loaded! I can’t wait to try these out.

  • Focus Bracketing
    • Automatically shoot from 3-999 exposures at different focus points between the min. focusing distance and ∞. Composite later using the software of your choice for one image with incredible depth-of-field.
  • Focus Stacking
    • Focus Stacking relies on the sophisticated in-camera composite capabilities of the TruePic VII Image Processor to merge the in focus area of eight images into one single photo.
  • Advanced Focus Peaking
  • Silent Mode
    • Silently shoot up to 11 fps with absolutely no shutter sounds.
  • Improved Anti-Shock Mode
  • Advanced Olympus Capture
    • Take advantage of tethered studio shooting for both stills and videos with Advanced Olympus Capture software.
  • S-OVF
    • The dynamic range of the EVF is increased in order to simulate the look of a traditional optical viewfinder.
  • 4K Time Lapse Video
  • Live Composite on OI.Share
    • Remotely track the progress of your Live Composite exposures on your smart device without interfering with the camera utilizing the OI.Share v2.6 app.
  • Manual Focus Clutch Disable
  • Menu Cursor Memory Position
  • Movie Image Stabilization with 5-Axis Optical IS and Digital IS
  • 24p/25p Frame Rate
  • Movie Info Display
  • Movie Rec Start with RM-UC1 Release Cable
  • Time Code Settings
  • M-IS1 and M-IS2 image stabilization options
  • Slate Tone
  • Synchronized PCM Audio Recording in Video
    • Audio recordings using the Olympus LS-100 connected via USB cable can be automatically synchronized with video.


CENTER VALLEY, Pa., September 15, 2015 — Today, Olympus announces a series of firmware upgrades that significantly enhance the performance of the OM-D line for professional and amateur shooters alike, including Version 4.0 for Olympus OM-D E-M1®, Version 2.0 for OM-D E-M5 Mark II updates to M.ZUIKO® PRO and PREMIUM lenses as well as Advanced Olympus Capture Version 1.1 and OI.Share® Version 2.6. The updates, which will be available in late November 2015, are highlighted by new macro shooting modes, advanced video performance and other capabilities found on the recently announced OM-D E-M10 Mark II.

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