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Presenting.Derrick Barry - Superstar ... ReflectionsI had the greatest pleasure of photographing the world famous Britney Spears impersonator, Derrick Barry, in Las Vegas! This impromptu on-location photo shoot at Share Nightclub was both an amazing adventure and awesome opportunity to finally hang out with one of the two drag queens I originally follow way back – that is, before I knew about RuPaul and his works – when MySpace was still the “it” thing. I also had the pleasure of officially meeting Barry’s artistic collaborator, Nick San Pedro, whom I’ve meet briefly before at DragCon 2015 in Los Angeles, but it didn’t stick because my brain was fried from drag overload. :)

Before the shoot I managed to snap some photos as well of Barry’s riveting performances to a couple of Britney Spear’s hit songs, including her most recent single “Pretty Girls,” stay tuned for that. His transformation to Britney Spears is so accurate. I’ve seen her perform live when she was in Vancouver for her “Femme Fatale” tour, and I must say Barry’s look and performance is spot on.


He has made a big name for himself in the entertainment world, he has opened for Lady Gaga, appeared in NBC’s “America’s Got Talent,” making it to the top forty cut, walked the catwalk for Marco Marco, and has appeared in quite a number of shows and music videos. He’s a regular cast of Frank Marino’s Divas Las Vegas, performing alongside Coco Montrese, of RuPaul’s Drag Race Season Five. I’ve watched both of them perform before in Seattle, at R Place, and they where both very entertaining to watch in their solo acts and duet.

He’s great to work with, very engaging and collaborative. So much grace and very accommodating. It’s very awe inspiring to see people who are on top of their game, with so much success on their belt, and yet so grounded. He is good people. :)


And speaking of Drag Race, he’s rumored to appear in the eight installment of the show. At the time of the show’s taping, his social media was well taken cared of, so whether the rumor is true or not, we’ll see next year. But it’s high time Barry grace the Superbowl of drag. You can tell a queen is ready for prime time when their predisposition is both graceful, perfect, and professional – in every sense of the word. And speaking of R Place, there’s a possibility she’ll be back in Seattle before the end of this year for another gig. That is sure an event fans in the West coast don’t want to miss!


Where will Derrick Barry’s career take him? That is definitely something worth the follow. So check him out in social media, and book!

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Photography: Presenting Derrick Barry – Superstar


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