Katya’s Vancouver Debut Was A Spectacle

RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7 Miss Congeniality, Katya Zamolodchikova – or simply “Katya,” made her Vancouver, BC debut last Saturday at the new sleek and trendy nightclub in downtown Vancouver, XY Nightclub. The event was a joint project of TFD Presents and XYYVR.


Fans from as far as Seattle (it’s a long three-hour drive to Vancouver in light traffic so it’s “far” okay?) attended the event. Event goers started to trickle in as early as 8:00pm, I think some camped outside for weeks, lol jk. XY was spick and span, and fresh hors d’oeuvres was set across the bar for event goers. It was more like a drag social than a show, come to think of it.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAround ten past eight Katya made an entrance to the club, she was ushered by TFD Presents to her dressing room. I’m not a fashion expert so I can’t describe in the fashion jargon what she’s wearing other than “well, she wore a dress,” so just look at the photos. Some fans who noticed Katya’s casual entrance called out to her, “Hi Mom!” Others just looked on, perhaps in disbelief. A crew from Shaw and OutTV were at the venue waiting for her for an interview. After grabbing a bite and a sip from her RedBull, she was ready for her one-on-one with Shaw’s correspondent, Skyler Baier.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIt was such a treat to watch the interview. The casual banter that lasted for a little over half an hour was both insightful and hilarious. The things she would say, and do. She may be kidding around so much, but there’s real solid truth to the things she says. It’s like life lessons wrapped with layers of standup comedy skits. At times she took over and asked the questions. It’s reminiscent of Adore Delano’s attempt at interviewing her for World of Wonders’ “12 Days of Crowning : RuPaul’s Drag Race Season 7,” where she end up interviewing Adore instead.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe interview covered a pretty descent amount of topics but I’m not going to mention anything here, just stay tuned for the final cut on Shaw. Well, if there’s one that I have to share, because I’m a giver ;), is that a “split” was involved. The interview is definitely a must-see. I hope they will put it up online somewhere for fans to watch who don’t subscribe to cable TV or who live outside of Canada – i.e. aliens.

An hour later the club was full of fans eager to meet her and watch her perform. TFD Presents made the introduction, and in true Katya fashion she was revealed on the stage laying flat on her tummy. Now THAT was a memorable entrance. The audience went wild – thundering applause and called her “mother.” Katya made an endearing speech about being a woman with “needs.” She set the tone for that evening with her ground rule, “I’ll do whatever you want.” LOL. It’s amazing to observe the level of rapport between her and the fans. It’s that kind of support that will sustain any star for a long prosperous career. It was pure “love” … (shudders). She called herself a “slut,” and then off everybody went for the meet and greet. The meet and greet took a while to finish, since she was making sure each fan was given good service :).

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAShe performed a couple of gag-worthy numbers. The audience were on fire. Twenty-dollar tips flying, and all sorts of colorful bills – it’s Canada, we have pretty money. She did her long spoken-word intro about surrendering ones’ self to Jesus Christ, right before she pounded her vagina on the floor – splits, regular splits, and slow splits. She was amazing! “Unfortunately,” there was a slight program interruption that delayed her second performance. Katya made the announcement on stage that there was a very unusual development of events. She said an audience member was going to make a special announcement. She handed the microphone over to the young man. Well, he wanted to propose to his boyfriend. I thought it was a gag since the “victim” took a while to come up on stage after being called. But there was a problem, there was no ring! Why would you propose without a ring on hand? No worries, Katya to the rescue! She stuck her index finger up in the air, paraphrasing, “Wait, I can fix this.” She ran back to her dressing room. When she returned to the stage she had a tissue in her hand, and she dabbed her forehead. Okay, she was simply sweaty. The other guy came up, and the question was popped. Katya handed a ring that was wrapped in the tissue (you sneaky bitch) – it had a huge blue cat eye-shaped jewel on it. Tommy D of TFD Presents throw confetti, well, I guess the proposal was official! Katya congratulated the newly engaged couple, while at the same time tried to control her gag reflex, apparently this sort of thing disgusts her. lol. It was all for fun, of course. This could possibly be the birth of Katya’s new gig – Engagement Officiator, right? After she kicked the couple off stage, everyone took a break and the stage was reset for her second number.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAKatya proved once again that she’s a very approachable and grounded queen, not to mention bankable. She don’t take things seriously, but she’s also very professional and refined. She’s like the new Shangela – one queen bursting with talent. Her shtick maybe slutty but it’s very on point and consistent, actually it’s very classy. It’s easy to find a personal connection with her. She makes “sluts” the new “IT,” and fans love it! Many of her followers call her “mom” or “mother” as a form of endearment, and it makes total sense.

All in all, the whole event can be summed up in one word … “spectacle.”

Come back soon!

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Social and performance photos will be up soon, stay tuned for that. Below are photos from my quick shoot at XY after her interview: Presenting.Katya – Wild Nights. Presenting.Katya - Wild Nights

[ Update 2015-09-24 Event Photographs ]


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