Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Becomes Canada’s New Prime Minister

I’m not huge on politics, and I’m definitely new to Canadian politics as I’m more accustomed to USA’s type of government, and the concept of ex-PM Stephen Harper’s “minority government” took a while to wrap my head around when I moved to Canada, but the victory of the Liberal Party in Canada makes me feel more at ease in many ways. I feel like regardless of which country you’re living, a Conservative government is more likely to be bias against the LGBT community. It often use it as a hot-button topic to rally its supporters, and often marginalized. Conservatism has its merits, but in contexts like spending or risky habits, but when it comes to social fairness I find the concept rigid and exclusive. Even with the lack of in-depth knowledge of the Liberal Party’s agenda, I favored it. As a first-time Canadian voter, I made my decision not based on the political drama, but rather on which party resonates closest to my personal values. Regardless of what the hot topics that were debated on the run-up to Canada’s Federal elections, I’m just glad it’s over and swift.

TORONTO (AP) — Canadian voters emphatically reclaimed their country’s liberal identity, putting Justin Trudeau, the youthful son of one of the country’s most dynamic politicians, in the prime minister’s office, and ending 10 years of leadership by Stephen Harper, whose dream was to recast Canada as a more conservative country.

The victory in Monday’s election by Trudeau’s Liberal Party was stunning. The Liberals were on a path to win at least 184 seats out of 338 – a parliamentary majority that will allow Trudeau to govern without relying on other parties. Harper’s Conservatives were winning 100. The Liberals received 39.5 percent of the overall vote compared to 32 percent for the Conservatives and 19.6 for the New Democrats.

Harper, one of the longest-serving Western leaders, will step down as Conservative leader, the party announced as the scope of its loss became apparent.

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