“Star Trek” Series To Air 2017

This has got to be one of the most exciting entertainment news I’ve ever read in a while. “Star Trek” series is coming back to the small screen, with a target air date of 2017! I’m a Trekkie, with a particular liking for “Star Trek Voyager,” there I just confessed. Ever since Voyager closed curtain in 2001, and reruns became harder to find, there were a lot rumblings that the franchise is over. Then they closed “Star Trek – The Experience” at the Hilton in Las Vegas in 2008, that was a huge bummer. Back then, the rides and experience was one of my top reasons on making trips to Nevada. It was an awesome tourist attraction – the rides, authentic memorabilia, the Borg Queen, show props, cafes, bars, the characters; actors in Borg, Ferengi, and Klingon costumes. The 3D and 4D rides where amazing! The best I’ve been in so far. Yes, they took it down, dismantled, and sold for scraps.

In 2002 “Star Trek : Nemesis” gave the franchise a much needed reboot, but it played along the storyline of the old “Star Trek : The Next Generation” series, which sadly, if you didn’t follow the series, the inside jokes will fly over your head. Watching the film made me feel like it was not meant for me, it was for a specific niche audience – oh the irony. “Star Trek : Enterprise” series, which aired in 2001, was also very promising. It was set 115 years before the original series, but everything just seem very dated and predictable. It was eventually cancelled after the fourth season.

With the film reboots from 2009, with “Star Trek,” that brought in a newer feel and younger cast – with the wit and charisma to match – became apparent that the franchise has finally found its new formula. I give plenty of credit of the film’s huge success on three major cast members – Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, and Zoe Saldana. The sequels were huge hits in the box office too. Now this… so I wondered for a while, when the franchise will ever produce a new series for the small screen? With all the nonsense we see on TV, it’s time to bring back classics in an updated format. The success of the updated Star Trek films proved the demand is back again. I can only hope it will be something great – writing, storyline, special effects, and the cast – and something new, experience-wise. And of course, I hope they’ll bring back “Star Trek – The Experience” attraction in Las Vegas. If that happens my friends, I’m sure going to go!

Read Variety’s article on this breaking news!


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