Free movement proposed between Canada, U.K, Australia, New Zealand

commonwealth-freedom-of-movement-organization“The Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization wants to see free movement policies between Canada, the U.K., Australia and New Zealand. (Commonwealth Freedom of Movement Organization)” –CFOM

This is a great idea for tourism, technology transfer, infusion of young skilled workers, and uniting families. Although I’m mindful about its impact to the local economy and the burden it will have on social services and settlement of newcomers but it’s not entirely worrisome.

The Devil is in the details.

Canada needs new skilled workers. Our prime working class are retiring, and the country as a whole isn’t producing enough skilled workers from the younger generation, or isn’t taking in fast enough skilled workers through immigration to make up for this swelling need. Let’s face it, Canada needs people. For a country as big as the continental United States, and the economy to match,  we are only 33 million people strong – that is 300 million less people compared to the USA.

Canada’s economic policies are sound, that’s why when the global economy took a hit, the country was less scathe –  in fact Canada was practically the last man standing in the first world. My only concern with “freedom of movement”  is what measures will the country put in place to safeguard the economy, and keep “undesirables” out – like criminals, terrorists (sleeper cells), and potential burdens (and I say that loosely) of society. Canada’s immigration process is solid and fair, I for one is a product of it and my experience overall was exceptional (but then again, I check all my T’s and cross all my dots and had all my shit together before I even begun), so applying relevant immigration rules but with greater accommodation should work.

I don’t know what the overall state of the other Commonwealth countries are, but I think this pact would be a great tradeoff. I’m keen on New Zealand and the U.K. for tourism, so watch out!

Read this article from CBC about this movement.

Check it out! I’m in! :)  



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